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Tapas + A New Car

Long time, no talk! Did you enjoy the weekend? I definitely had an interesting weekend…

On Friday night, we went to Eclipse di Luna.Β Β Tobey and I shared a bunch of tapas, but the lighting was so bad that I didn’t get any good pictures. Later, we all shared a pitcher of margaritas.

Eclipse di Luna is a really cozy place, but still high energy… I love that. There was definitely some salsa dancing going on when we were there!


On Saturday morning, Tobey and I went to the spa and got massages. There is something to be said about the power of touch- you can go in really stressed out and come out so refreshed!

I went in the steam room for about 20 minutes… very relaxing. I love the decor & colors throughout the spa- turquoise and chocolate.



After our massages, I dropped Tobey off at home and headed to the Honda dealership. Do you guys remember how my car wouldn’t start the other week? Well, it wouldn’t start on Friday morning for the FIFTH time since August!

Volvo hasn’t been able to figure out the problem (huge money drain- they just kept replacing the battery, battery cable, etc) and it has left me stranded and late to work so many times. I decided to head on over to the Honda dealership to look for a new car.

Have you ever been somewhere and the salesperson talks to the man instead of the woman? I made it clear to the salesperson on Friday that I was buying the car and that it had nothing to do with my boyfriend, but he STILL kept talking to Tobey. That’s why I went back without Tobey on Saturday. πŸ™‚

After looking at new & used cars, I said goodbye to Vicki the Volvo…


And hello to my brand new Honda Accord! I was going to get the basic 2010 black/black Accord, but they had a fancy new ’09 left so I got that instead…


I love it so much. It will be weird to have a car payment, but I’m so happy that I have a reliable car now! πŸ™‚

3 1/2 hours later, I was home and dinner was ready.

Mixed greens with ginger dressing:


Peppers stuffed with honey goat cheese and baked to perfection:


This was inspired by one of the tapas that we had at Eclipse di Luna…


We also had some really good focaccia bread from Whole Foods. Honestly, I was so hungry that I don’t remember exactly what was on it. I was just really thankful that Tobey made us a nice dinner!



Oof… is anyone else having a hard time believing that tomorrow is Monday? I will be filling my new Starbucks reusable cup – so glad that they’re back in stock – with some strong iced coffee to get me through the day!

Is this “back on track” week for anyone else? πŸ™‚



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I started my day bright & early at Whole Foods… not a bad way to start the day! I wanted to grab a juice before I went to the farmers market.


I looked for the seasonal Clif bars, but they were nowhere to be found! Does anyone know if they are the same flavors as last year?  


The juice bar:


I got the “Pascal”- carrot, celery, apple, lemon, beet, kale and ginger. I just ask for “medium ginger” because wow, it’s strong and really wakes me up!


I also had a Clif white chocolate macadamia nut bar. Clif bars are kinda meh to me- honestly, I don’t think they taste that great and I’m always hungry like an hour later. I like Luna bars a lot more. Do you have a favorite bar?


Next, I made my way over to the farmers market. It wasn’t open the other week, so I was glad to see that they were back at it today!


I picked up some white carrots and a bunch of peppers. I’m really excited to use the white carrots; apparently, they last just like regular carrots but they’re really pretty. πŸ™‚




I was excited to see that Souper Jenny was there! She makes the best soup in town… there is always a line out of the door for it. It didn’t even cross my mind to buy some because it was still pretty early.


Finally, I made my way over to Starbucks to study. It was packed today… like, line-to-the-door packed until noon. It must be the red cups!

Random story– the creamer stand (Is that what it’s called?) was to my left, and at one point I noticed that there was a red-headed boy (who was maybe 10 or so) with a strawberry frappuccino. When his mom wasn’t looking, he was dumping sugar on top of it! I really couldn’t help but laugh but his mom wasn’t very pleased when she saw what he was doing. πŸ™‚

I was sitting at a table with this sign in front of me:


Caramel brulee latte? I must try that! Instead, I got one of these… (I told you that Clif bars don’t work for long!)


When I got home, I FINALLY finished the thai leftovers. Thai food makes the refrigerator smell really bad- it was driving me nuts!


With a side of kale chips:


For dinner, I baked a butternut squash at 400* for 60 minutes. As Christie would say, I made a multi-tasking meal. While it was baking, I got some cleaning done before I started on the polenta.

I cut the polenta log into disks, and sauteed them for about 5 minutes on each side with olive oil and sea salt. Once the squash was done, I cut it into cubes. I combined the squash and polenta, and topped it with parmesan cheese.

I think that I’ll top the leftover polenta with marinara tomorrow, and have the butternut squash on the side. The way that I ate it tonight was just okay- a tad bland.


Enjoy your Sunday… I just can’t wait for my weekends to be free of studying! Hopefully that will be soon enough.



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