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Piece of Cake

I raced home from work so that I could go walking before the sun went down, but wow, the time change was definitely noticeable today! The weather was perfect but not even half way into my walk, the sun was setting. The trail that I walk is ~4.4 miles door to door, so it takes me anywhere from 50-65 minutes, depending on how much I’m talking. My sister is having her first baby within the next week, so of course we had to catch up!

Let’s go for a walk…


Gorgeous fall colors…


The sun is starting to set… I better get moving!


Another full moon?


I’m going to meet my mom, dad, brother and sister right now for dinner. My parents are just getting back from vacation, so we’re finally celebrating my mom’s birthday (Oct 26th), my brother’s birthday (Nov 1st), and my dad’s birthday (today). My brother requested red velvet cake, so I picked one up from Piece of Cake, aka Heaven on Earth. If you live in Atlanta, PLEASE tell me that you have been there before!



Enjoy the evening!


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