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Thanksgiving at Rosebud

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you enjoyed the day with your loved ones and ate some good food. 🙂

So, I took the exam yesterday and failed by ONE POINT. I left the testing center and just went to my car and cried my eyes out. I felt so defeated. Honestly, my life has been so out of balance the last couple of weeks… all that I have been doing is working, studying during lunch, studying after work, and then studying on the weekends.

This is the 4th (and hopefully final) license that I need to get, so I knew what I was getting into, but failing made me feel stupid. I got called into work right after I took the exam, and needless to say, my eyes were puffy!

Enough about that… because today was a much better day! We went for a walk around the park this morning (actually, I walked and Tobey ran) and the weather was just gorgeous.

We had a 1:30 reservation at Rosebud. I really missed being with my family in SC this year, but I have no days of vacation left. I feel like this whole post is a sob fest– sorry!

A gorgeous day…




We started our feast with a bottle of champagne… I left this one up to Tobey!


They brought out some hors d’oeuvres right away- Rosebud trail mix (which was surprisingly good), pimento cheese, and pickled vegetables.

We each had a choice of sage & honey roasted turkey or mexican coke glazed ham and braised cherry chutney. We both ordered the turkey.


And we had a choice of five sides for the table! We got the whipped sweet potatoes with ginger & sweet chili, mac and cheese, brioche and herb stuffing, cider & maple roasted brussel sprouts, and glazed carrots with citrus & cardamom.

I absolutely loved the mac and cheese… it tasted just like my mom’s version!


My plate:


I didn’t love the turkey (it tasted really smokey), but the mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and stuffing were all wonderful. I loved the carbs. 🙂 The citrus flavor added a nice twist to the carrots.


We were stuffed by the time dessert came out, but we managed. Just look at the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie tart, apple normandy, pecan pie tart:



What was your favorite thing that you ate today? I think mine was the mac and cheese! I loved the pumpkin pie tart as well… I always love pumpkin pie.

We’re watching Funny People right now, and it’s okay but it’s SO long… like 2.5 hours long!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my experience at Woodfire Grill, where I met Jenna’s friend from Top Chef. 🙂



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