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The weekend… finally! I just got home from The Real Housewives Bloggers of Atlanta dinner at Seasons 52. More on that in a minute…

After work, I met Lauren and Elizabeth at Red Door, a little neighborhood bar in Buckhead. They’re pet-friendly, so Lauren brought her two pups and we sat on the patio. I loved that the weather was nice enough to sit outside and chat… I hate smoky bars and try to avoid them at all costs!


Keepin’ it classy. 😉


Before I knew it, it was time to go on a blind date to a blogger meet-up… at Seasons 52! Funny story- 30 minutes had gone by and we were still waiting for Emily and Kelly and we were like, “I wonder where they are? That would be weird if they didn’t show up since they’re riding together.”

Then, we get a call from the other Seasons 52 in Atlanta… they went to that one! Luckily, they’re troopers and booked it back across town to meet us.

We started with rosemary and parmesan cheese crispbread and I had a glass of Brampton Sauvignon Blanc. I ordered the Mediterranean Shrimp Salad for dinner. It was okay, but honestly, I think I was so excited to meet these girls that I wasn’t that interested in my dinner!


And for dessert? I had the pumpkin pie with ginger snap crust… obsessed!



From L to R: Emily, Liz, Laura, Lee, Angie, Kelly

It was so much fun to meet such sweet, down to earth girls and I would love to meet up again. The one thing that kept cracking me up is that even though we’ve never met before, I felt like I knew so much about everyone! Some people get shy when they meet new people and I, um, talk way too much. 🙂

Good night!



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