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Just an Ordinary Day

Just a day, just an ordinary day… remember that song?

So, I thought that I’d give you a peek into a typical day for me. I’m always curious about other people’s schedules/routines, so I’m operating under the assumption that you’re curious about mine. Ha 😉

Here goes nothing!

6:45 Alarm goes off… roll out of bed, put contacts in, shower

7:10 Make bed, breakfast (to go) and iced coffee

7:20 Hair, makeup, get dressed

7:50 Drive to work

7:58 Arrive in parking garage

8:03-2:00 Work

2:00 Eat lunch

3:30 (This isn’t typical, but…) Hear fire trucks, look out the window and see smoke… AHH!


We seriously watched this for probably 20 minutes before the top floor erupted into flames. It was scary to watch- it was hard to tell if they were going to contain it before it got to the next house.

Sad 😦


4:35 Leave work

4:45 Stop at CVS for floss… yes, floss… thisclose to buying other random stuff, but tell myself no

5:00 Stuck behind an elderly man who can’t remember his ATM pin. After trying 3x, he gets out another card. The line is 7 deep at this point. Success.

5:05 Leave CVS. Not surprised to see that said elderly man is making a left onto Peachtree, and instead of waiting until traffic is clear on both sides, he pulls out and blocks 3 lanes of traffic until the other side is clear. Scary!

5:10 Early to yoga… happy because this never happens

5:30-6:45 Yoga

6:50 Walk over to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients for Ameena’s Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

7:10 Arrive home

7:20 Realize that I don’t have time to marinate the chicken for an hour, because you know, I’m busy doing things like not reading the book for book club and watching TMZ…


8:45 Pizza is ready!



I didn’t see any tandoori masala at Trader Joe’s, so I used the masala simmer sauce in its place. I also ended up baking the pizza for an extra 5 minutes- Trader Joe’s pizza dough is always unpredictable when it comes to baking time.

I cut myself two pieces, but went back for another one not long after this picture…


I loved this recipe. It was unique, easy to follow and DELICIOUS. Thanks, Ameena!

Off to watch the Olympics and get a good night’s sleep… I have been staying up way too late lately!



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Pizza Time

Does anyone else love Trader Joe’s pizza dough as much as I do? It’s fresh, convenient, and only 99 cents per bag!

I’ve used their whole wheat dough before, but I prefer their plain dough. It was perfect for a Saturday night at home. I took it out of the fridge and let it sit for about 20 minutes before I rolled it out.

I floured the counter, then set to work at stretching it out with my hands. I topped it with TJ’s pizza sauce, and then added chopped (fresh) spinach before adding mozzarella and ricotta. I used a greased baking sheet and baked it at 350* for ~20 minutes.

I normally follow the baking directions on the bag, but next time I’ll probably bake it at a higher temp for a shorter amount of time.


Either way, it was perfect for a Saturday night in, while watching Miss America and a Lifetime movie. I’m pretty sure that between Elizabeth and I, we have seen just about every Lifetime movie that’s out there. Did I really just admit that? 🙂


Have you ever used Trader Joe’s pizza dough? Or, have you ever made your own dough?

Random- Where do you think MTV will film the next season of Jersey Shore? I read that they might be fist pumpin’ in the Hamptons!

Back to watching the Grammy’s… the dresses, the performances, oh my!


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