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Last night, we had a girls night at Ormsby’s. It’s on the west-side of town, which is full of warehouses and industrial buildings. I’m surprised that we even found the place because there wasn’t a sign to be found… nothing on the exterior of the building OR door, which was kind of weird.

Ormsby’s had a really cool industrial feel to it… and it was smoke-free! Major plus in my book. 🙂 The restaurant was upstairs and the games (bocce ball, darts, pool, etc) were downstairs.

We met upstairs and ordered drinks before we were seated. I had a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc.


For dinner, I ordered the Alice, which was a veggie club sandwich. On the side, I had baked sweet potato fries.


The sandwich was full of veggies, but kind of the bland side. I didn’t taste any seasoning or flavors outside of the butter that was on the toasted bread.

The baked sweet potato fries were delicious! When I make them at home, I normally slice them thin and bake until crispy. I will definitely be slicing them thicker next time- these were so good!


Me, Liz, Lauren:


After dinner, we went downstairs and kept chatting away, while some of the girls played darts. We didn’t end up getting home until after midnight, which would be okay if I WASN’T running the O’Highlands Jig & Jog 5k  at 8:00 in the morning!

I fell asleep just after 1:00, only to be woken up by a couple of screaming drunk guys outside. I was so mad that I actually went out on the patio to tell them that “some of us have to run a 5k in the morning!”, but they stopped before I saw them. Annoying!

It was 2:00 by the time that I fell back asleep and I thought there was no way that I’d get up in time to run. I set my alarm for 6:40, and my morning went something like this…

6:30 Wake up before alarm; “I’m definitely gonna run”

6:40 “I don’t feel like running… I want to stay in bed”

6:45 “Laura, you’re already awake… get up and run!”

7:05 Out the door, on my way to pick up my shirt and race number

7:20 “Ahh… I’m running a 5k! I’ve only run once this month!”


It wasn’t as bad as I’m making it seem. The weather was actually perfect. Okay, the first mile was a little rough, but I zoned out after that. But, the hills… oh, the hills!



My goal was to run it in under 30 minutes, and I finished in 29:31. We all met back up at the start and got a (sweaty) pic together!


We wanted to have brunch at Rosebud, but they didn’t open until 10:00 and we were ready to brunch at 9:00!

We headed over to Murphy’s instead. It was so quiet in the Highlands- no wait for a table!


They brought out muffins and biscuits to start. I took one of each, but only ended up eating the biscuit with strawberry preserves.



I ordered the Southwest Frittata, with a side of cheddar grits… yum!


The frittata was great- I ate ~1/2, and brought the other 1/2 home. I finished the grits, and this is going to sound crazy, but they weren’t that good! They tasted like cheese soup or something… too much cheese. Do you ever finish something that you’re not crazy about and wonder why you did, or is that just me?!


Do you like to run races? Why or why not? I rarely run, but I have to say, I felt so good afterwards that it made me want to sign up for another one. Granted, I crashed this afternoon and took an hour and a half nap, but that was because I didn’t sleep enough last night!



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Dessert from Heaven

On the day of love,


I had a life-changing dessert. Introducing…

Murphy’s dessert trio!

*Bonzo cake-layer of fudge brownie, cheesecake, and dark chocolate mousse

*Vanilla bean panna cotta

*Tollhouse pie- white and dark chocolate, walnuts, oreo crust

You guys… I died and went to heaven on Valentine’s Day. You see, Tobey and I were supposed to have dinner across the street at La Tavola, an Italian restaurant. We stopped into Murphy’s for a glass of wine, and I saw that the couple next to us at the bar had the dessert trio.

I couldn’t stop talking about it, so Tobey asked me if I wanted to eat dessert before dinner. Well, I knew that I’d ruin my dinner if I did that, so we just stayed and had dinner at the bar. I ordered a couple of small plates (goat cheese salad and crispy flatbread), and enjoyed THIS for dessert:


The bonzo cake (brownie, cheesecake, mousse) was, hands down, my favorite. I cut it in half and took half home for later. I guess I was pretty territorial with this dessert because Tobey asked me on more than one occasion what he was “allowed” to eat.

Have you had a good dessert lately? Or, do you prefer salty over sweet?

I can’t wait to tell you guys about the Nutella milkshake that I had over the weekend. 🙂


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