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I started my day bright & early at Whole Foods… not a bad way to start the day! I wanted to grab a juice before I went to the farmers market.


I looked for the seasonal Clif bars, but they were nowhere to be found! Does anyone know if they are the same flavors as last year?  


The juice bar:


I got the “Pascal”- carrot, celery, apple, lemon, beet, kale and ginger. I just ask for “medium ginger” because wow, it’s strong and really wakes me up!


I also had a Clif white chocolate macadamia nut bar. Clif bars are kinda meh to me- honestly, I don’t think they taste that great and I’m always hungry like an hour later. I like Luna bars a lot more. Do you have a favorite bar?


Next, I made my way over to the farmers market. It wasn’t open the other week, so I was glad to see that they were back at it today!


I picked up some white carrots and a bunch of peppers. I’m really excited to use the white carrots; apparently, they last just like regular carrots but they’re really pretty. 🙂




I was excited to see that Souper Jenny was there! She makes the best soup in town… there is always a line out of the door for it. It didn’t even cross my mind to buy some because it was still pretty early.


Finally, I made my way over to Starbucks to study. It was packed today… like, line-to-the-door packed until noon. It must be the red cups!

Random story– the creamer stand (Is that what it’s called?) was to my left, and at one point I noticed that there was a red-headed boy (who was maybe 10 or so) with a strawberry frappuccino. When his mom wasn’t looking, he was dumping sugar on top of it! I really couldn’t help but laugh but his mom wasn’t very pleased when she saw what he was doing. 🙂

I was sitting at a table with this sign in front of me:


Caramel brulee latte? I must try that! Instead, I got one of these… (I told you that Clif bars don’t work for long!)


When I got home, I FINALLY finished the thai leftovers. Thai food makes the refrigerator smell really bad- it was driving me nuts!


With a side of kale chips:


For dinner, I baked a butternut squash at 400* for 60 minutes. As Christie would say, I made a multi-tasking meal. While it was baking, I got some cleaning done before I started on the polenta.

I cut the polenta log into disks, and sauteed them for about 5 minutes on each side with olive oil and sea salt. Once the squash was done, I cut it into cubes. I combined the squash and polenta, and topped it with parmesan cheese.

I think that I’ll top the leftover polenta with marinara tomorrow, and have the butternut squash on the side. The way that I ate it tonight was just okay- a tad bland.


Enjoy your Sunday… I just can’t wait for my weekends to be free of studying! Hopefully that will be soon enough.




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Chili Cookoff

Hey hey! It was such a dreary day here in Atlanta. It has been raining since I got up this morning…

Perfect weather for a chili cookoff at work! I’ve never made chili (crazy) so I didn’t enter, but 12 other people did. Do you have a healthy chili recipe that I can try?

There were three categories- mild, medium and hot.


Hmm… I’m not sure what CHILF stands for. Any guesses?


It’s Miley! (Does anyone else love The Soup?) The guy who made this chili wrote a song to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” Too funny.


Plenty of cornbread to go around! I tried the one with jalapenos in it.


And the big, bad winner? Number 5- B.S. Chili! It was really good- kind of spicy & full of flavor.


Since it was this kinda day…


I came home and finally made kale chips! If they have Katie’s heart, then they can have a stab at mine, too. 🙂


They were delicious! I used a couple of bunches, sprinkled them with olive oil and sea salt, and baked them at 400* for 12 minutes.

It’s TV time… TMZ and Biggest Loser! 😉


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