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Sisterly Love

Hi guys! This weather is just incredible, isn’t it? I didn’t realize that it was so nice out today until I met my sister, Caroline, for a walk after work.

Caroline is in town from Charleston, so I was pumped that she was able to stop by. We walked about 4 miles (in shorts and short-sleeves!) and then went to Souper Jenny’s for dinner.


They’re only open for dinner on Tuesday nights, and they serve different things every week. Pastas, sandwiches, salads, you name it!


Caroline and I are so predictable- we both got My Dad’s Turkey Chili. I order it almost every time I go!


I don’t know what’s in there, but it is GOOD! (Jenny has a cookbook, but I’ve never looked to see if this recipe is in it.)


Random picture- So, the road that I take to get to my apartment has been partially blocked for the last two days. Why? Because they’re filming Owen Wilson’s new movie- Hall Pass– at Johnny’s Hideaway.

This cracks me up because Johnny’s is an original Buckhead institution- think 70s decor, strong drinks, dancing, and lots of Cougars!

Johnny’s is behind the trucks…


Next, Caroline and I headed over to Jujubees for some frozen yogurt. She was over my picture-taking at this point and clearly ahead of me. 😉


I got a small plain & passion fruit swirl, with strawberries, coconut and mochi on top. Nothing short of amazing and almost worth the $5 that I spent on it. That’s saying something because I’m a lot more frugal than you probably think that I am. 😉



Caroline doesn’t understand why I would want to “tell strangers about my life,” and for that, I’m posting her picture on here. Ha!


What are your favorite ice cream toppings? I have a new love for sweetened coconut, and I love chocolate chips on/in just about anything!



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Love Thursday nights… by this time in the week, I’m already looking forward to the weekend!

Last night, Tobey picked up Thai food from Bangkok Thyme while I was studying away. I laugh like I’m 15 every time I say Bangkok Thyme…

Sometimes I think that Tobey wasn’t fed as a child… he loves to over-order! Do you like to try a little bit of everything when you go out to eat or are you conservative when it comes to ordering? I’m a tad (okay, more than a tad) frugal and only like to order what I need. 🙂

Enough for a family of 5:


Is it funny that I’m about to list everything in clock-wise order?

  • Sizzling Yaki Soba (Stir-Fried Japanese Soba, Mushrooms, Nappa, Sugar Snap Peas & Carrots in Teriyaki-Katsu Sauce, with Beef)

  • Soft Basil Rolls (Shrimp, Lettuce, Carrot, Basil Leaves & Cooked Rice Noodles; Served w/ Peanut Plum Sauce)

  • Bangkok Ginger (Shredded Fresh Ginger Sautéed w/ Sliced Onions, Scallions, Straw Mushrooms, Carrot, Celery, Bell Pepper and Pork)
  • Spicy Thai Basil (Stir-Fried w/ Fresh Crushed Chili, Garlic, Green Beans, Bell Pepper, Basil Leaves and Chicken)


I had a soft basil roll with peanut-plum sauce (The sauce is absolutely amazing!), as well as spicy basil and yaki soba.



I know I can always count on Tobey to pick up Jujubees… my favorite frozen yogurt in the neighborhood!


I got a small green tea and original (tart), with strawberries, kiwi, and mochi.

Have you ever had mochi? It’s like a little Japanese marshmallow, but not as sweet as it probably sounds.


I put half in a bowl and the rest in the freezer. This picture makes it look like mashed avocado, doesn’t it?


Fast forward to today–

I got home from work, checked the mail, and my eyes instantly lit up when I saw this…


The chewy chocolate graham bars that I ordered last week from Fanny & Jane! I found Jen’s blog about a month ago and just love it. She seems so down to earth and is a really good writer!


My pictures don’t do these bars justice. As I was eating one – okay, two – I kept thinking, “How am I going to describe these?” All I could come up with was, “These are so good… SO good!”

From the website: This chewy, fudgey, caramel-y graham bar is a night out on the town for your taste buds. The buttery graham cracker crust provides the perfect base for layer after layer of indulgence. Topped with slivered almonds and a ribbon of caramel, we could eat an entire pan. (These are Jane’s favorite.)


Off for a dose of studying, with House Hunters in the background. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out In My Tummy’s Chobani giveaway!

Good night!


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