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Oh Friday night… I love knowing that I have the whole weekend ahead of me! I’m using a personal day on Monday (to study), so I’m looking forward to a LONG weekend. What are you looking forward to?

I went to the gym after work, and did the following:

  • Ran 3 miles in 29 minutes
  • Walked for 15 minutes at 4.0

I don’t run very often, but I was in the mood to tonight and it felt good!

When I got home, I heated up some leftover spicy basil and rice for dinner.


Can you guess what I had for dessert?


A chewy chocolate graham bar! I got a better picture tonight of the bar in all its glory…


It’s kind of like a cross between a seven layer bar and a s’more. I really have no words for it other than delicious!


Do you have a favorite dessert?

Relaxation time! I haven’t decided if I’m going to yoga in the morning, or if I’m going to get right into studying and exercise later…

Have a great night!



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Love Thursday nights… by this time in the week, I’m already looking forward to the weekend!

Last night, Tobey picked up Thai food from Bangkok Thyme while I was studying away. I laugh like I’m 15 every time I say Bangkok Thyme…

Sometimes I think that Tobey wasn’t fed as a child… he loves to over-order! Do you like to try a little bit of everything when you go out to eat or are you conservative when it comes to ordering? I’m a tad (okay, more than a tad) frugal and only like to order what I need. 🙂

Enough for a family of 5:


Is it funny that I’m about to list everything in clock-wise order?

  • Sizzling Yaki Soba (Stir-Fried Japanese Soba, Mushrooms, Nappa, Sugar Snap Peas & Carrots in Teriyaki-Katsu Sauce, with Beef)

  • Soft Basil Rolls (Shrimp, Lettuce, Carrot, Basil Leaves & Cooked Rice Noodles; Served w/ Peanut Plum Sauce)

  • Bangkok Ginger (Shredded Fresh Ginger Sautéed w/ Sliced Onions, Scallions, Straw Mushrooms, Carrot, Celery, Bell Pepper and Pork)
  • Spicy Thai Basil (Stir-Fried w/ Fresh Crushed Chili, Garlic, Green Beans, Bell Pepper, Basil Leaves and Chicken)


I had a soft basil roll with peanut-plum sauce (The sauce is absolutely amazing!), as well as spicy basil and yaki soba.



I know I can always count on Tobey to pick up Jujubees… my favorite frozen yogurt in the neighborhood!


I got a small green tea and original (tart), with strawberries, kiwi, and mochi.

Have you ever had mochi? It’s like a little Japanese marshmallow, but not as sweet as it probably sounds.


I put half in a bowl and the rest in the freezer. This picture makes it look like mashed avocado, doesn’t it?


Fast forward to today–

I got home from work, checked the mail, and my eyes instantly lit up when I saw this…


The chewy chocolate graham bars that I ordered last week from Fanny & Jane! I found Jen’s blog about a month ago and just love it. She seems so down to earth and is a really good writer!


My pictures don’t do these bars justice. As I was eating one – okay, two – I kept thinking, “How am I going to describe these?” All I could come up with was, “These are so good… SO good!”

From the website: This chewy, fudgey, caramel-y graham bar is a night out on the town for your taste buds. The buttery graham cracker crust provides the perfect base for layer after layer of indulgence. Topped with slivered almonds and a ribbon of caramel, we could eat an entire pan. (These are Jane’s favorite.)


Off for a dose of studying, with House Hunters in the background. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out In My Tummy’s Chobani giveaway!

Good night!


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