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Ever since Cait announced the return of the red cup last week, I’ve been thinking about making my way to Starbucks. So, I solved that by walking over to the mall this afternoon, and look what I saw…


Santa is already in town!


I guess that Santa has limited hours since he’s by appointment only… ha!


Next up was Starbucks…


First nonfat peppermint mocha of the season!


Shh- don’t tell my mom that this was my lunch! Oh wait, she reads my blog…



After work, I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the Precor AMT.

While I was working out, I watched Dr. Oz. I love, love, love Dr. Oz and the fact that I learn something new every time I watch. Do you ever watch his show?

Today, he had a segment on a “meat lovin’ cowboy” named Rocco. Rocco is 53 years old, eats a ton of meat and no vegetables, and was going down a path to poor health.

Dr. Oz told him that he had the heart of an 85 year old, diabetes, and plaque covering his arteries. Rocco agreed to follow Dr. Oz’s 28 day vegan challenge, and today he was back to reveal his results.

After 28 days:

  • his waist is 6″ smaller
  • his glucose (blood sugar) went from 172 (dangerously high) to 99 (normal)
  • hemoglobin went down; cholesterol is better
  • lost 30 pounds

Aren’t his results amazing?! I don’t think that a vegan diet is right for me, but I think it’s wonderful how well it’s working for Rocco. I just love it when people take charge of their health. 🙂

Anyway, I just made some stuffed shells and brussel sprouts for dinner…


And now it’s time to unwind!



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