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Mango Ice + Seasons 52


Mango italian ice!


Have you ever been to a Rita’s? This totally reminded me of their mango italian ice, which I used to eat all the time when I was growing up!

I had a bowl of granola for breakfast this morning, but I was still hungry so I got the blender out to make this. I combined 2 c of TJ’s frozen mango chunks + 3/4 c water, and blended away! (I didn’t measure, so that’s my best guess.)


I can already picture myself enjoying this often in the summer heat!

My brother had a tennis tournament in Greenville, SC, so Lulu (the family dog) stayed with me this weekend. On their way home, my mom, dad and brother stopped in town and we went to dinner at Seasons 52.



I love their food, wine, and the piano man! I especially love the fact that it’s just up the street from me. 🙂

To start, my mom and I shared the spinach salad. I ate about half before I remembered to take a picture…


We also shared the steak and cremini mushroom flatbread, which is eight little pieces of heaven. The crust is super thin and the caramelized onions are to die for!



Time for shot glass desserts!


My dad asked if the entire tray was for him. 😉 Getting him to Seasons 52 has been no small feat- he was convinced that the portions would be too small and healthy for him! I think he was pleasantly surprised, though.

Which one (or two) would you pick? The choices were: fresh fruit, mango cheesecake, rocky road, colada shortcake, key lime pie, chocolate peanut butter mousse, mocha macchiato, pecan pie, or carrot cake.


I picked the mocha macchiato! I’ve been known to grab two (right, Tobey?), but I stuck to just one tonight. And it was glass-licking good! (Come on, I have better manners than that…)


Mom and the boys got chocolate peanut butter mousse…


I think that I have a tapeworm today, because I definitely came home and had a small bowl of oatmeal. Don’t tell my dad that- I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that Seasons 52 is too portion-controlled!

What’s your favorite chain restaurant? Mine is a tie between Seasons 52 and PF Chang’s!



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